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Komatsu stnoe has a long history, being used from the Nara period, passing through the Kamakura period, and fully developing in the Edo period. ``RIN'' is a single flower vase made of Komatsu stone, which is also used in Edo Castle and the Imperial Palace. A stone with dignified strength and a single flower with a sometimes ephemeral feel. The contradictory existences bring out each other's beauty and resonate, and eventually become harmonious.

その歴史は長く、奈良時代から使われ鎌倉時代を経て江戸時代で本格的に発展し、 江戸城や皇居にも使用されている本小松石を用いた一輪挿しの「RIN」 凛とした力強さを持つ石と時に儚さも感じる一輪の花相反する存在も互いの美しさを引き立て共鳴し、やがて調和となる。

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